“See it, feel it, dream it, do it. Simply make it happen"

Explain me what you do

Modern society already owns everything they want and their needs are close to nothing. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be triggered anymore! All they need is a friendly, yet highly effective wake-up call…

We can’t promise any miracles, but we do have the capacity to wake the consumer market up and have them believe they dreamt about your brand last night. At So PR we do not believe in traditional PR, neither do we believe in a traditional client versus p.r.-agency relationship. That’s why we prefer to call our clients ‘partners’.

Because in the end, we all have one major goal in common: to get the general public highly aware of your brand/concept and its philosophy.

The So PR vibe

Did you ever wonder why one trend label is far more popular than any other? Or why some beauty brands are continuously under the attention of all the magazines? And how come that some just hit it to the top, while others keep fighting and nothing ever happens?

No matter what in line of business you are, the answer is simple: the ones that succeed all know how important a well taken care of p.r.-strategy is. So PR takes public relations & marketing to a higher level. We don’t just market a brand or concept: we offer you the ability to develop an all-round philosophy and strategy in a remarkable way.

So PR prefers a pro-active policy over a ‘sit-down-and-hand-out’ system. Although our luxurious, fashionable showrooms are visited daily and on a regular basis by stylists, fashion directors, editors and celebrities, we make sure they have plenty of reasons to visit us as frequently as possible. Next to a warm and highly personal welcome, we offer them a world filled with fashion, lifestyle, events and inspiration. Yet we still believe great p.r. is about so much more than just leaning back and waiting for stylists to come by. It’s also about making the right connections, staying updated, the awareness of opportunities, and the safeguarding of a brand-profile/image. And in the end, we all know that great p.r. is not just about a brand, it’s also about emotions, networking and service. So PR believes it’s important to respond quickly. No journalist, editor or stylist likes to wait.

That’s why we will answer our phones even in the evenings or in the weekends. Our philosophy is to handle every request within the maximum time limit of 15 minutes.

Just like everyone in the industry, we know how important deadlines are and we respect them. Curious to know who we are & how we do it? Feel free to explore our website and get into the So vibe…