“Inspiration is a profound emotion, that flows into our hearts in order to move on like a floating river of eternal beauty shared.”

Show me your face


Public relations & marketing are the main ingredients of So PR. And we happen to have the secret recipe to turn these ingredients into something amazing.

With our own team of specialists – long term experts in the field of public relations & marketing – and our own design studio, we can make just about anything hip, hot & happening.



A piece of our history…

Founded in 2005 by renown public relations expert & free-lance journalist Odette Schoonenberg and beauty coach, t.v.- personality & media specialist Thijs Willekes, So PR originally started as a boutique fashion and beauty publicity agency . Due to their strong relationships with both media and celebrities, Schoonenberg & Willekes soon knew that their company was bound to become a tremendous success.

With creativity, originality and the unstoppable strive for perfection deep within their DNA, ‘So’ soon became a name to know. And while the company started growing by the day, its founders made sure to keep their intended key- features in mind: ‘So’ should stand for a warm welcome, a company that truly listens to both media and partners, and above all remain highly personal.

Yet times have changed and since that sunny day in 2005, So PR has branched out into an allround fashion-, beauty- and lifestyle p.r.-agency, with an over 750m2 showroom. Our team of experts in the field of PR consists of our lovely showroom-managers Chelsey Geraerts & Kyra Kroes our four Senior PR-managers Laura Disco, Tjitske Verra, Masha Le Clercq & Yasmin Dikkeboom and our junior PR-managers  Maxime van Heumen & Indy Beck and last, but certainly not least, our graphic designer Sanne Spijkers.



The World of So




The So PR showrooms and offices are over 750m2 in total. Divided into four spaces and each with a unique vibe of its own.