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So Weekly | August 17, 2022

New in @So Méa Méa

"Leather & silks.”
Welcome to the world of Méa Méa, a reflection of everything the brand stands for and what its founder believes in. Méa Méa is a modern niche leather & silk brand of superior quality, founded in 2021 in a protected nature reserve in the south of the Netherlands. The brand is inspired by the resilience of untouched nature, which can be found in each and everyone of us.

Nature as the purest form of luxury
Méa Méa believes that our natural resources are our purest form of luxury. Unlike most premium leather brands today, which use unnatural protective coatings, Méa Méa only uses untreated leather, embracing the transformative power of one of the finest materials in the world. To honor the many hours of handiwork by the Italian artisan artists who make Méa Méa's bags, each bag is uniquely numbered. Exclusive colorways are painted exclusively and are therefore available in limited edition.

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