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Huda Beauty launches nationwide at ICI PARIS XL 

Today marks a milestone for beauty powerhouses Huda Beauty and ICI PARIS XL. Founded in 2013 and rated as a $ 1.2 billion company by Forbes, Huda Beauty has been hugely successful from the start, thanks to founder Huda Kattan’s online presence. Huda Beauty chooses ICI PARIS XL as its exclusive national retailer to further expand its on- and offline presence.

“We are super excited to be launching Huda Beauty, nationwide, across Belgium and The Netherlands at ICI PARIS XL – THE retailer beauty specialist for the Benelux!  We’re so fired up to spread the Huda Beauty magic to a wider audience and thrilled to have such great partners on board who are ready to grow with us and all our brands.”

Huda Kattan, Founder of Huda Beauty

The word is out: as of today global beauty brand, Huda Beauty, is launching its full collection at ICI PARIS XL stores across Belgium and The Netherlands.

ICI PARIS XL Beauty Delivery

When new times call for beautiful convenience. You get all your new beauty favorites delivered, right there on your doorstep. No big ICI PARIS XL Exclusive Event would take place this year in the shape and form that we knew it. However the event was not entirely cancelled and took place on a few selected doorsteps yesterday, where a carefully curated ICI PARIS XL beauty delivery was hand delivered. 

Authentic Beauty Concept & Clay And Glow receive a Dutch Beauty Award

The Dutch Beauty Award is the most prestigious beauty award one could receive in The Netherlands. This is why we are super proud to announce that due to our shared efforts not one but two of the beauty brands we work together with: Authentic Beauty Concept & Clay And Glow received a Dutch Beauty Award for their products! We simply love it when others (in this case the top Beauty Journalists The Netherlands have to offer) see the same potential we do.

Clay And Glow X ICI PARIS XL

There’s nothing we love more than a fusion of the brands we love to work with and this right here is a match made in beauty heaven. For Clay And Glow a dream has become a reality as just one year after its foundation and two product launches later, the Dutch cult beauty brand is exclusively for sale in 148 ICI PARIS XL stores. After being asked by several large retail parties, founders Julia and Randy undoubtedly chose the beauty retail market leader. Unique in several areas, the products of Clay And Glow were until now only available through their own webshop, which also makes ICI PARIS XL the first offline point of sale for Clay And Glow. Julia founder herself says about the collaboration: “We were always a customer at ICI PARIS XL and we believe that they provide good service and are customer-friendly. The customer is also very important to us, and we do not want to lose that feeling at a retailer, so that was the first thing that appealed to us. In addition, the colors, coincidentally (!), also fit together nicely. ”

There’s a new high-end interior concept in town: Proluca Interiors

The first Dutch interior web boutique with exclusive labels such as Missoni Home and Hermès wallpaper and fabrics.

Due to the fact that founder Brigitte Hamers has been working as an interior stylist for years, she’s able to work closely with various labels and sell these exclusively through her web boutique: Proluca Interiors. A unique concept on multiple levels. For example, the number of webshops that sell luxurious interior accessories and furniture is low, to say the least, and Proluca Interiors sells labels that were hardly available in the Netherlands before.

Proluca Interiors represents and sells brands such as: Missoni Home, Cole and Son, Meridiani and Porta Romana as well as Hermès wallpaper and fabrics, in addition to Brigitte’s own Proluca Design label, using both classic and modern materials, such as leather combinations, bronze and epoxy manufactured in mostly Dutch workshops by genuine authentic furniture makers.

New in at So: Anna in Bhutan

Anna In Bhutan is a high-end ethical fashion company based in

New York City. The label produces unique handwoven scarves that

emphasize women’s work from talented Bhutanese weavers. To give you a bit of a backstory about the Kingdom of Bhutan (it is almost like a fairytale). The small Buddhist country is located between China and India and led by enlightened monarchs. The average population of 750,000 is thriving with social development, environmental sustainability and cultural preservation. This holistic approach is locally called “Gross National Happiness,” or GNH. All developments driven by GNH aim to improve happiness and the well-being of the Bhutanese people.

More than a brand, Anna in Bhutan is a movement. Founder Kate Broug supports Bhutan’s ideology, spirituality and the respect they give to its people,

changing the world and leading a path against climate change.

Happy Birthday to: BE Creative Make UP

This year BE Creative Make Up will be blowing out 7 birthday candles! 7 years of creativity, colorful looks and professional makeup products. An ICI PARIS XL exclusive Dutch, young and creative brand with a full range of professional make-up, made by make-up professionals. High-tech formulas developed in Europe. With many new releases on their way.

This is SET

This is SET – a German brand that consists of authentic styles designed for powerful urban individuals. SET stands for a modern, casual urban look. Founded in Munich in 2009 by Maya Junger, SET has developed into an international brand in the contemporary premium market. We at So are lucky to be working with the fashion forward brand for years and years now.

Fred de la Bretoniere launches the #NOWASTELEATHERPROGRAM

During World Environment Day, Fred de la Bretoniere launched the #NOWASTELEATHERPROGRAM. The #NOWASTELEATHERPROGRAM is a part of Fred de la Bretoniere’s goal of becoming more and more a sustainable business. Using leftover pieces of leather as optimally as possible; processing into leather accessories, such as coasters, pencil cases, travel tags and passport covers. Fred de la Bretoniere strives to minimize the waste of valuable leather in this way.


ICI PARIS XL introduces a digital novelty during quarantine: “go instore”

ICI PARIS XL’s newest digital tool makes physical advice available online

with a new service: go instore, where a customer who is about to place an order online can request live, yet online, advice from an employee in the store. With this, ICI PARIS XL follows the hybrid trend, enabling a connection between offline and online.