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Spectacular Spectacles

Since the beginning of So PR we’ve been well known in the media landscape as the agency with an endless supply of (sun)glasses. And we must admit we have a thing for spectacles in many shapes and forms (did you know that we even once made a limited edition pair of aviators?). For as long as we remember Dick van der Niet has been a part of our So family. So it’s only fitting that as of now we’ll be holding special biannual (sun)glasses press days. Showcasing the most spectacular spectacles together with Nana, Woody and John. 

What’s your sign?

Welcome to a new year, a new decade and Capricorn season. A time of revolutionary energy, the perfect moment to set some new intentions as the stars want us to aim high. For us it’s the ideal moment to align our goals and shoot for said stars. Talking of them here’s some words by van Gogh making us feel all the feels. “I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream”.  

Whether you’re a Scorpio, Pisces or Leo, ready to roar. Here’s to a beautiful 2020, with stars appearing in many ways, may they shine a light on you in dark times, may they shine from within you when reaching for your goals. May we be those stars, just for you. 

We fish you a Merry Christmas

little silent Christmas tree

you are so little

you are more like a flower

who found you in the green forest

and were you very sorry to come away?

see i will comfort you

because you smell so sweetly

                                  from Little tree By E. E. Cummings


Starting of with some words of fellow plant lover (visit our office to know what we’re talking about here) Edward and closing of with some words by us. 

We fish you a very Merry Christmas (see what we did there) and a happy, abundant 2020. May you pick the fruits of your labour in this second decade of the second millennium. 

P.S. the little fishy friend on the picture is a custom Christmas ornament by the jolly as always; Floris van Bommel

Love always, 

Team So PR

So embraces The War Child Bracelet

“Born from friendship.”

Out of a deep desire to make a difference in the lives of children at war, designer Bas Verdonk joined forces with Dutch super singer Marco Borsato. Their collaboration turned into “the War Child Bracelet”, an initiative where various friends of War Child will personally design unique charms in the coming years. Building on the bracelet, Marco designed the first charm – symbolizing peace, love and music

A bond for life

More than 120 people are participating in this special initiative. One by one, together we work hard for children at war. For the 200 jewelers in the Netherlands and Belgium, who will be selling the bracelet, the sale is not a revenue model. The purchase price equals the sales price. 

The War Child Bracelet connects as a bond for life. The linked bracelet tells the moving story of children at war and symbolizes the power of friendship.

Kiko Milano @ Milan Fashion Week

As the official beauty partner for Vogue Italia’s Extreme Beauty Event, Kiko’s talented team of makeup artists created some of their most artistic and colourful looks yet. This backstage footage of Milan Fashion Week 2019 shows you all the avantgarde looks. 

New in @ So: Baruti

At So we’ve always had a major love for artisanal products that are made close to home. BARUTI is one of those brands. The exclusive perfumer is on a mission to create audacious fragrances that combine novelty with wearability. Each fragrance is a mini explosion, designed to trigger your imagination and take you on a fascinating scent journey. On top of that all formulas are crafted in their laboratory in Amsterdam.

So on the red carpet

Both celebrities as well as their stylists know where to find our showroom. We’ve been dressing actresses, famous athletes or TV persona for over a decade. Helping them or their stylist to pick out the right outfit for a cocktail or red carpet event. Our showroom team are familiar faces to them who’s opinion they trust. Take the red carpet of the recently held MTV Awards as a result. Model Jessie Jazz Vuijk wearing boots by Nubikk and actrice Britt Scholte wearing a floor length dress by Elisabetta Franchi.

So Presents: Ivy Haircare

A sustainable hair brand from the Netherlands, products with ingredients that you can pronounce and the very first Dutch haircare brand with deposit on the empty packaging. IVY Haircare wants to make a positive contribution to the world and its sustainability. Because that is what IVY Hair Care really thinks is beautiful.

ICI PARIS XL Press Event

This week ICI PARIS XL held their bi-annual press event at the just opened Parq Studios. All major beauty press were present, the food contained edible flowers, Beauty fridges were handed out and Nina Warink took over ICI PARIS XL’s social media. That’s beauty for you.

Taylor Swift wears Elisabetta Franchi

The one and only Taylor Swift was spotted wearing a tweed dress from Elisabetta Franchi’s FW 19 collection in the video clip of her latest song: “Lover”.

 Caution: the song is catchy!

🎵“Can I go where you go?

Can we always be this close forever and ever?

And ah, take me out, and take me home

You’re my, my, my, my lover”🎵