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Vedder&Vedder: just in time for Valentine’s day

Some may find it cliche, some the most exciting day of the year. Whatever your opinion about Valentine’s day may be, the Vedder&Vedder sisters know how to celebrate (not only this holiday but every special occasion really). With their newest addition: the birthstone gem rings Vday will be your day in no time. Fun fact: our in house copywriter wrote the product descriptions for the website of this Amsterdam based jewelry brand.

ELISABETTA FRANCHI: Spring/Summer 2019 campaign

A metropolitan scenario serves as the background of the new ELISABETTA FRANCHI Spring/Summer 2019 advertising campaign, that catches the excitement of the urban life, embedding the fashion extravagance.

In a blaze of colours, the campaign plays out an ode to life in which the protagonists are captured during moments of their everyday life, as in a sneak peek. The images, full of realism, carefreeness and spontaneity, reflect the Italian lifestyle of the brand expressing freshness and modernity.


So PRofile : Peter Hahn

The German fashion company Peter Hahn has been with us for a while now, next to their overall PR we also manage their Social Media accounts. This is where all disciplines come together. Our online strategist makes sure everything is posted right on time, while our in house copywriter creates custom captions, all overseen by Peter Hahn’s  (So) PR manager. Think: themes, styled photoshoot, the works. A new take on classical PR, just how we like it.

Fall in love with KIKO MILANO’s new Valentines Collection

Introducing a new line up guaranteed to win your heart. It’s time to experience love at first sight and embrace the pure beauty of KIKO MILANO’s NEW Valentines Collection. Discover pops of sweet cherry red and soft pink for a romantic flush of colour. Dress your lips with soft, creamy textures and reminisce on the excitement of that exhilarating sweetheart kiss!

Explore a collection designed to inspire and reminisce the sweetest memories of l-o-v-e.

Mevrouw Cha’s Tea Subscription

A subscription to the daily newspaper, your favorite fashion magazine or to the gym. Sound familiar right? But how about a Tea subscription?

 Mevrouw Cha makes sure you get a package filled with fresh, hand picked tea every first friday of the month. From cleansing nettle to warming honeybush, Mevrouw Cha’s tea are chosen by the tea sommelier herself. Can I have another cup please?

MAEL x de Bijenkorf

With it’s beating heart in Amsterdam but a vision that goes overseas, a focus on shoes and leather goods and an eye for textiles and fashion MAEL can offer its wearer a full wardrobe that can be mixed, matched or completely worn on its own. Casual on the one side and sophisticated on the other, the two seamlessly go hand in hand. No wonder the prestigious Dutch department store de Bijenkorf will be selling MAEL’s collection from now on, both online as well in selected stores.

Elisabetta Franchi celebrates the brand’s 20th anniversary

Twenty years have passed since the birth of Betty Blue Spa, a “Made in Italy” brand that today bears the name of its designer and founder, Elisabetta Franchi. Twenty years of style, commitment, sacrifice, passion and much more. Elisabetta Franchi has a mission, to win over and dress “all the women in the world”, and she wants to convey a very precise message, which she makes tangible through her commitment to animals. Buon compleanno from us to you dear Elisabetta.

‘Kapsalon in de Jordaan’

In the midst of Amsterdam’s Jordaan Celebrity hairstylist Siko van Berkel just opened his very own hair salon. From the Versace wallpaper to the ‘Amsterdamse gezelligheid’ (good luck google translating that one). Together with Lorin Versteeg, Siko will fit right into Amsterdam with their ‘Kapsalon in de Jordaan’. Thursday the 29th of November was the official opening and we were happy to be a part of the exclusive press viewing.

BestSecret celebrated its launch in the Netherlands

BestSecret, Europe’s most exclusive online shopping community, opened its own virtual branch in the Netherlands in 2018. Under the theme “a secret to share”, the company celebrated this prestigious occasion at the Epicenter in Amsterdam on November 15th. The, by So PR invited, guests were guided through an evening full of surprises in order to playfully get to know BestSecret, its CEO Marian Schikora and its unique shop idea. Amongst the invited guests were relevant Fashion Press as well as Dutch influencers such as Nina Warink, Donny Roelvink and Kaj van der Voort.

New So PR client: Rasa Lila

New in our portfolio: Rasa Lila. A combination of two ancient words, Rasa Lila translates into the emotion one feels of love, joy and happiness in an act of expression, such as a dance or by living the good life. It was a mesmerizing encounter with an indigenous Peruvian woman, who was focused on hand weaving a traditional alpaca shawl that sparked something inside its owner. A passion that led to Rasa Lila, creating the softest traditional baby and royal alpaca items.