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P.S. How do you like our coffee?

While the PR lifestyle is fast paced and extremely chaotic (don’t worry we love it) when it comes to coffee we at So love to take things slow. We brew a mean filter coffee and without knowing it (or did we) we are right on trend again as fancy filter coffees are making a comeback. In the mood for a half & half (oat and almond milk that is) flat white? Slow down and have a seat your order is on it’s way.

From Amsterdam to Milan

For Milan Fashion week (a part of) our So PR team flew to Italy to accompany the Dutch press who attended the show. A fashion event that is right up our alley and in our line of work. See for yourself our So Showcases under the similar name tab on our website.

Sublime FRONTROW Fashionweek

Amsterdam Fashion Week. Silvian Heach. Great show. Great frontrow. When influencers meet the designer team: Gianfranco Vitale, Jessie Jazz Vuijk, Anna Nooshin, Lizzy van der Ligt, Robin Balou.


Is wearing a metallic silver fanny pack by @picard_offical. We love your style kitty girl.