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Join lululemon for Amsterdam Pride 2019

lululemon Amsterdam will be teaming up with local gym Kracht for some community classes this Pride week. All workouts are free of charge, but a donation in order to support the Kracht Foundation can be made. This foundation wants to make exercise accessible for every BODY, regardless of their size, beliefs, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. They want to create an inclusive experience, a safe space where you can share your passion for movement, your goals and help each other achieve your dreams. In cooperation with lululemon the foundation will continue setting up a free weekly scheduled strength based workout for the transgender community. Together with an experienced coach they hope to offer a safe space to train and exercise.

 Sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pull-for-pride-lululemon-amsterdam-x-kracht-foundation-tickets-66473990495