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The So Services were brought to life as a menu to uniquely compose the right strategy, tools and focus for your brand. With that, we create a measure made package, based on your brands specific needs today.

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Your brand values, tone of voice and how you perceive yourself as a brand should be set in stone. Having worked with an endless variety of different brands for over a decade we can help you create an effective brand strategy and DNA to grow a solid community and conquer the increasingly competitive markets both online and offline.
In need of a fitting tone of voice and a (freelance) addition to your own company? In this case we offer consultancy; a short-term agreement where we offer advice and our years of experience. Whether it’s a (online) communication strategy, a monthly newsletter or much needed survey. Just see us as a freelance elongation of your brand.
Explaining how PR works is a job at itself, let alone explain the concept of “earned media”. But try to see it like this: if someone you know well and who you trust for their honest opinion or because they have a lot of knowledge about something you’d rather try, buy or promote something they’d recommend you right? In a way the same goes for how we practice PR, the last two decades we’ve been working on our relationships and friendship with press in any shape or form earning their trust and (mutual) respect.
We welcome stylists, vloggers, online influential movers and shakers and celebs daily in our So showroom, centrally located in Amsterdam. We offer brands the option to make use of our showroom facilities and this way have their collection pulled for online publications, influencer content creation, as well as editorials in print magazines or tv shows. If your company isn’t settled in or near Amsterdam, we can be your second showroom to accommodate stylists, editors and online personalities who are mainly situated in the city. When it’s not possible to visit us live (a shame with the great coffee that we serve and the variety of local shops, sourdough bakeries and natural wine stores), our showroom manager will give an online tour and have the selection shipped in no-time. Service, making life of our beloved press & content creators network easier, has become of the utmost importance as we are supporting today’s free-lance lifestyle and the extension of workload for all individuals working in media.
Shopping pages are beautiful and important small adds for your brand and its awareness. We like to make it as easy and time sufficient as possible for journalists and image editors. Our image cloud - for press eyes only by the way - has all the images they could wish for with all information that is needed. If you want your brand to be seen and picked up by online and print magazines, this is the place you want to have your images uploaded to. Especially in challenging times when it’s not always possible to create your own images as a magazine, our image bank turned out to be very a practical solution.
Twice a year we hold our So Press Days. The purpose of these events are to show the forthcoming seasons collections to the press and stylists and have one on one talks about upcoming product launches. These days are always creatively themed and beautifully catered. It’s the perfect setting to catch up and view the forthcoming collections and the perfect way to kick off your brand’s new collection for the season ahead. It’s one of those “no matter the weather” occasions, that even in times when we are home bound will take place, just in a different (online) way.
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A short-term boost where we offer advice and our years of experience. We hit pause together for a second to see where there is room for growth and help your company to do exactly that: grow. In brand awareness, in profit and sales. In every possible way.
Just as the title says, an (online) consultancy session of a duration of choice and as many sessions as you(r brand) needs. We bring together exactly that part of our team that is relevant for your business. At this time and day, it’s essential to get out of the tunnel vision and see the bigger picture again. Join forces with all the required So expertise, rock the boat a little and create new perspectives and strategies.


Finding the right people for very specific jobs can be challenging at times. The pool of creatives is deep and overwhelming, so let us help you at with that. Do you want to increase engagement? Want to have a feed that represents you as a brand at any given time you scroll through it? We just know the people for this job and choose them depending on your online needs and budget.
Whether you’d like you’re brand DNA completely rewritten, a new event slogan, establishing the right tone of voice, or just a new biography to put on your website. Our in-house copywriter is ready for it all. All of our press releases are also written in-house, which is very rare.
The job of media planning is to determine the best combination of media to achieve your marketing campaign objectives. Choosing the right media channels and type of advertising can be challenging for brands. With our know-how and trustworthy relationship within the world of media we make sure that you will get the right deal and the most cost-efficient proposals possible.
Campaigns can come in many different shapes and forms. This can be a short-term performance driven boost or a longer term storytelling and brand awareness activation where we offer advice and our years of experience. We hit pause together for a second to see where there is room for growth and help your company to do exactly that: grow. In (re)brand awareness, in profit and sales. In every possible way. In the end we bring all of this together in an advertising campaign with all its bells and whistles. It can also be (or turn into) a long-term relationship, with room to grow together. Still making (or consulting you in) campaigns or starting off with a (re)brand launch and all their possibilities over a greater period of time.
So PR creates made to measure (online) events that communicate your brand message, whether you require one spectacular launch party or would like to expose your product or brand at a (bi)annual press-event. So PR has an in-house production team who will take care of all the details, while our PR managers will take care of the perfect guest list. All is possible, even in times of quarantine we’ve proven to be able to launch new products or styles holding (online) events.
Social media has become an integral part of life online. It’s part for your brand’s identity and even a part of your marketing strategy when choosing the right moments to advertise and to use sponsored content. It’s also an important outlet to keep your community and audience updated with news and recent developments. We offer full social media support with a social media team consisting of in-house social media strategists, marketing specialists and a copywriter. 
Increasing nationwide brand awareness or supporting your local retailers and outlets while targeting just the right target group of end-consumers that are on the go is possible using OoH advertising. Another service we can advise you and your brand on and help out with. From commercial locations to billboards on the highway, to wild posting through the city centers and from selecting the right images to getting the best possible deals out there.
In today's fast-paced digital world, being reactive and dynamic with your (social media) content is key. Whether it's a last-minute request due to unforeseen events or ad-hoc planning needs, our UGC service is your go-to solution. We specialize in creating authentic, engaging content that resonates with your audience. From working with nano-influencers to crafting the perfect script, our team of skilled professionals – including video editors and a senior copywriter – is adept at producing content that ranges from short and snappy to more complex narratives.

Our service is all about providing social content without the need for a full social takeover. It's low-key, low investment, but high impact, ensuring you're always ready to seize the moment. With our junior editors available at an hourly rate of €45, we offer flexibility and efficiency for every need.


With 15+ years of experience in both traditional offline and (as soon as the online blogosphere made its entry) online PR we have all of the most effective communication tools in house that can help your brand reach the most important target audience. The main goal; maximize (on & offline) traffic, social engagement, overall brand awareness and becoming a top of mind brand in the competitive field, all leading to the growth of both profit and sales. The added value: finding the right online personalities who truly influence and are the perfect fit for maximizing your brand awareness, presence and its respective attitude. Our ever-growing Digital Team consists of 5 social media-minded people at the moment and they know just the perfect profile(s) for you to engage with.
We have our close knitted community of influencers, movers & shakers and celebs we collaborate with on speed dial. Our social team knows exactly what they like and contact them with seedings from clients. The art ​​of finding the right match and organically and authentically placing products on the right profiles is in our DNA. Waist is not to be found in the So dictionary.
Both celebrities as well as their stylists know where to find our showroom. We’ve been dressing actresses, famous athletes or TV persona for over a decade. Helping them or their stylist to pick out the right outfit for a cocktail or red carpet event. Our showroom team are familiar faces to them who’s opinion they trust.
Traditionally clothes were only pulled for photo shoots that will be published in print. Nowadays that’s not the only tool in the box. Using product placement, also referred to as seeding or gifting, for social media or TV purposes can be a very powerful tool. Our in-house influencer strategist knows the right matches to make and just which strings to pull.
Are you hosting an event? It stands or falls with the perfect crowd being present! Let us take care of it and handle your ultimate guest list. Thanks to 19 years in the biz, we have an extended in-depth network of relevant top influencers, celebs, journalists, editors and stylists, ensuring the perfect mix of attendees. Whether it’s a high-profile launch, an exclusive gathering, or a large-scale celebration, our team is master at curating and managing guest lists that reflect the prestige and vision of your brand. We take the time to understand your specific needs and preferences, handpicking guests who will contribute to the success and vibrancy of your event. From personalized invites to RSVP’s and check-ins, we’ve got it all covered.

Removing the Dimmer

When something extremely unique and beautiful created is placed in the darkness of a cockloft, it won’t be noticed and seen by the world and it's residents. Therefor, it will be considered as a waste in it's own existence. It is our job and joy to tell the world about your story, your brand and take the dimmer of it's light. Being out there, exposed on the main-stage in your target group, will make your brand excel like no other. That’s what we do:

"We partner up to make a brand one of the highlights in the universe, in order to magnify the companies succes and profits."

So PR - Public Relations and Communication Agency - Amsterdam