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So embraces The War Child Bracelet

“Born from friendship.”

Out of a deep desire to make a difference in the lives of children at war, designer Bas Verdonk joined forces with Dutch super singer Marco Borsato. Their collaboration turned into “the War Child Bracelet”, an initiative where various friends of War Child will personally design unique charms in the coming years. Building on the bracelet, Marco designed the first charm – symbolizing peace, love and music

A bond for life

More than 120 people are participating in this special initiative. One by one, together we work hard for children at war. For the 200 jewelers in the Netherlands and Belgium, who will be selling the bracelet, the sale is not a revenue model. The purchase price equals the sales price. 

The War Child Bracelet connects as a bond for life. The linked bracelet tells the moving story of children at war and symbolizes the power of friendship.