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So PR | PR Agency Amsterdam | Est. 2005

At So PR we market both start-ups and established brands while targeting end- consumers through impactful on+offline media campaigns, earned PR, a 300m2 showroom for stylists & editors, influencer and celebrity marketing + seeding, outstanding events and out of home campaigns.

Founded in 2005, a highly trained and involved team, together with in-depth relations and a major network in media, So PR is considered a leading, performing agency in the Netherlands 

“If I were down
to my last dollar
I would spend it
on Public Relations”

- Bill Gates
So Brands↴
public relations
1. the professional maintenance of a favourable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person.

public relations
1. the professional maintenance of a favourable public image by a company or other organization or a famous person.

Some of our Latest results 

//Instagram Jessie Maya featuring Steve Madden

Some of our Latest results 

//Lingadore in JAN Magazine.

//TikTok Guido Spek featuring De'Longhi

Short lead So Services (for instant effect)

Under the guise of ‘never waste a good crisis’ we know that budgets are limited yet the urge to properly communicate, re-direct and focus on relevant and urgent brand related matters are vital to your business and its respective turnover. Therefor we offer in times of change the So-called Short Lead So Services (for instant effects). These particular services are a support system to boost strategy change, sales and consumer engagement for your brand.
Reset + grow ↓
A short-term boost where we offer advice and our years of experience. We hit pause together for a second to see where there is room for growth and help your company to do exactly that: grow. In brand awareness, in profit and sales. In every possible way.  
4hour brainstorm session -> Consultancy session ↓
​​Just as the title says, an (online) consultancy session of a duration of choice and as many sessions as you(r brand) needs. We bring together exactly that part of our team that is relevant for your business. At this time and day, it’s essential to get out of the tunnel vision and see the bigger picture again. Join forces with all the required So expertise, rock the boat a little and create new perspectives and strategies.
Influencer marketing (paid) ↓
With 15+ years of experience in both traditional offline and (as soon as the online blogosphere made its entry) online PR we have all of the most effective communication tools in house that can help your brand reach the most important target audience. The main goal; maximize (on & offline) traffic, social engagement, overall brand awareness and becoming a top of mind brand in the competitive field, all leading to the growth of both profit and sales. The added value: finding the right online personalities who truly influence and are the perfect fit for maximizing your brand awareness, presence and its respective attitude. Our ever-growing Digital Team consists of 5 social media-minded people at the moment and they know just the perfect profile(s) for you to engage with.
Out-of-Home, Abri or wild posting advertising ↓
Increasing nationwide brand awareness or supporting your local retailers and outlets while targeting just the right target group of end-consumers that are on the go is possible using OoH advertising. Another service we can advise you and your brand on and help out with. From commercial locations to billboards on the highway, to wild posting through the city centers and from selecting the right images to getting the best possible deals out there.


presented by Duran Lantink

On the second day of Amsterdam Fashion Week, the famous Moulin Rouge lent its location to a night of fashion. For this special occasion, Dutch designer Duran Lantink brought his own clique of performers to present the Steve Madden Fall/Winter collection in a way only Duran could have thought of.  
//STEVE MADDEN x Duran Lantink during AMSTERDAM FASHIONWEEK covered on Instagram  #Famke Mesman

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