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LaDress launches a new campaign: Let’s unite in imperfection

“In the last decade or so, a world of perfection has been created that has less and less to do with our day to day lives and realities. It is time to stop keeping up appearances, and open up to each other with what we struggle with, what we’ve conquered in our lives. A true life story is so much more inspiring and empowering. True beauty lies in real women. From now on forward I will invite amazing women to share their story with us, openly and honestly as a way to show us all how to overcome backlash and disappointment, and also to guide us when it comes to following your dreams no matter what, fighting for what you believe in and never, ever giving up.” promises founder Simone. 

And so she did asking women to share their truth, successful women, young women, women from different backgrounds but all human, flaws, strengths and all. Uniting together in imperfection.