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So TIKTOK with us_for your eyes only

To lighten up the room ánd all of our hearts too, we wanted to create something new, something we never did before in the past 15 years. Sharing some joy and laughter is rather necessary in times like these, to say the least. Laughing and experiencing happiness are proven to keep the hormonal and serotonin levels in greater balance, so hold your horses and here we go: Go to your TikTok account (in case you haven’t got one, click here to see the So PR TikTok feed in your browser) and enjoy typical, so team created and featured TikTok #challenges & filters, demonstrating all the So brands in an entertaining yet on-point digital way. You know us for being a bit crazy from time to time, so let’s honor and celebrate that!

Happy laughter!

Team So PR 

So Zine

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