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So Jobs & Internships

So is always, sometimes actively other times a bit more passively, looking for established PR Managers, PR peers and those with an A+ work ethic wanting to learn and improve their skills. 
 Intrigued, interested and ready to interact? 
Connect with us: thijs@so-pr.com or +31(0) 20 408 1868. 

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So JOB alert

So PR is on the lookout for a talented and authentic PR + Communication Manager, based in Amsterdam, specialized in Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle (to be...).
'Passion outranks seniority & seniority outranks indifference' Just graduated and passionated to live and learn on the spot OR fully experienced and a PR icon in the making, at So we work with both profiles and its respective benefits and therefore we are op to one and the other.

So, in a nutshell, what we would like to add to our So team is a person:

1. With passion and dedication for PR and communication, preferably beauty, fashion & lifestyle focused;
2. Who loves to connect and engage authentically, both with press, partners and clients;
3. Who enjoys working in positive chaos, meaning: your to-do list rarely ends at the end of the day;
4. That excels in working with a team of all different expertise, such as: event manager, copywriter, showroom manager, graphic designer and so on;
5. Who prefers to work in a So-called boutique kind of agency; creative, short lines of communication, multitasking, team-spirited and above all a place to develop and grow your skills as a unique individual together with being an outstanding PR representation of So PR and your team of colleagues;
6. Who preferably is located in/around Amsterdam.

Everything you want to know about So or interested in the vacancy?
Please drop an email: Thijs@so-pr.com

PS: At So we communicate in both ENG and NL language. Feel free response in either one of them, however we need you to speak Dutch as well for our daily communication.