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Elisabetta Franchi Fall Winter 2020-21 Fashion Show

“The color of women”.

Since the beginning of time, the color pink has been a symbol of the essence of femininity. Elisabetta Franchi put this power color in the spotlight this season with in the leading role those who do justice to every hue in the color range: women.

The catwalk show celebrated the woman who can do anything, who is free to be who she wants to be, a woman who really is herself and who goes straight for her goal. Elisabetta Franchi communicates the uniqueness and power of the female universe in all its splendor. A world we would love to be part of with Signora Franchi as the shining center. As every season, So PR was present at the glamorous fashion show along all major Fashion press and guests like Amy Jackson, Olivia Culpo, Selma Omari & Diipa Büller-Khosla.