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Floris van Bommel x Katja Schuurman

The iconic Katja Schuurman had some news for us this week, not only is she pregnant with her second child she will also be the shining center of the Floris van Bommel Women Campaign, winter 2020 and summer 2021. During the winter season, Katja shows 3 different models from the existing Floris van Bommel women’s collection in an extensive promotional campaign. Summer 2021 goes even further while Floris van Bommel launches a “Floris van Bommel x Katja” capsule collection developed together with Katja. Just as with previous collaborations, Floris himself will also be a part of this campaign too. In March, Katja and Floris travel for a photo shoot to Granada and the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. During this small Spanish road trip, the dynamic duo will be recorded together.