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So Weekly | May 23, 2021

&So we have moved...

This past week @So it was all about MOVING. Frankly we moved a lot; 'decluttering' 16 years of matter, dropping a lot of 'old' stuff and moving a lot of energy in order to let the new flow in smoothly. The So team did an amazing job together with all the partners in constructing, restyling the new So base. I, Thijs, call it the 2.0 version of So. The ancient So icons ( f.e. the famous So plants closet, created 16 years ago )beautifully merges into the new interior. We are all about sustainability; we turn good old tuff into a new design, we honour the old and we love the new. We hope the world allows us to see each other soon, in real life @ our new So home.

Team So PR

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