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The place to be for the most outstanding publications, astonishing awards and the latest novelties about the brands we represent as well as our agency, that’s our So weekly in a nutshell.

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A simple hello could lead to a million things, but a complicated dance routine could also lead to so...
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New in @So: B.L.A.H.

The new shoe brand from Amsterdam ditches the ‘BLAH’ around sustainability. B.L.A.H. is challeng...
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New in @So: Fannie

“THE PLEASURE IS (Y)OURS…” With the pandemic in full swing, it seemed like sex might just be t...
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New in @So: AMAKIN

Growing up, traveling around, meeting new people, Amal realized that scents, perfumes and fragrances...
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New in @ So: JoHeath

Buying a bag is often seen as a guilty pleasure. But not JoHeath’s bags and accessories, those...
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