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So Weekly | July 2, 2024

New in @So: PAIR-A-DICE

With 25 years of experience in the styling world, So friend Famke Mesman has developed a distinctive style that not only catches the eye but also sparks the question: "What are you wearing?" Inspired by her travels to magical places like Bali, Marrakech, and the Caribbean, jewelry brand PAIR-A-DICE reflects the warmth and color of these locations with a playful flair.

Each piece in Famke's collection tells the story of an explorer. Materials and beads from around the world, from markets in India to artisans in China, are combined with brass and finished with a layer of gold or silver, or made from stainless steel to ensure quality. Every piece is handmade, some by Famke herself, others by skilled craftspeople she collaborates with closely. The latest collection pays tribute to island life, featuring pearls, shells, and vibrant palm trees, all designed to evoke that unmistakable tropical vibe.

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