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So Weekly | June 24, 2021

PJR Care goes from 10 FREE to 16 FREE

Did you know that: the toxic substances in nail polish can cause headaches, migraines, nausea, respiratory problems, disruption of the hormone system and dizziness and are thus absorbed into your blood through your cuticles? The ideal nail polish: a strong, non-toxic nail polish, which is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. PJR Care came to the rescue and upgraded their already revolutionary 10 FREE nailpolish to a 16 FREE formula.

The PJR Care nail polishes have always been 10 FREE. Yet this was not enough for Pim and Jennifer, the founders of PJR Care, with their drive and passion to make this niche product even better, they have succeeded in developing a 16 FREE Nail Polish where again no concessions are made to color, durability and quality and which is also cruelty-free, halal, 100% vegan and permeable to oxygen and water.

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