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So Weekly | December 3, 2021

Floris van Bommel X Robin van Persie

Floris van Bommel has developed a collection together with football legend Robin van Persie. Floris and Robin have worked on 3 styles, each reflecting Robin's personal taste. A collaboration that made Floris' dreams come true: “If Robin had called and asked if I might have time to pick the weeds between the patio tiles at his house, I would have done so without thinking. Because, Robin van Persie. But luckily it was about designing a capsule collection of shoes together. That is of course much more fun. Robin came to visit us in Moergestel for an extensive brainstorming session with these 3 shoes as a result.”

The capsule collection consists of 3 models: a high-top sneaker with basketball influences, a low sneaker that is inspired by 80s tennis shoes and a somewhat more classic desert boot on a sporty sole. Robin: “It was a super fun process to come up with this collection, together with Floris and his team. The three models are a perfect reflection of what I personally love. Casual with a sporty touch.”

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