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So Weekly | January 21, 2022

New in @ So: Jane Lushka

The Netherlands based brand, Jane Lushka, does not have a complicated story or strategy, it is a mentality. Driven by curiosity and ambition, sisters Jane & Lushka Iskroff run a family business in Amsterdam named after the creative duo themselves: Jane Lushka.

When people first hear the brand name they usually think it's a single designer. But no, sisters Jane & Lushka run the company together and complement each other seamlessly. Jane designs, Lushka facilitates: an extremely strong combination of inexhaustible creativity and a keen sense of business. Jane and Lushka have steadily expanded their fashion business ever since opening their own boutique in 2005, followed by 4 more. In 2010 they sold these stores in exchange for freedom and growth: they opened 4 factories in Europe, started a webshop and B2B portal. Today, Jane Lushka's designs are sold in five countries through more than 750 multi-brand stores thanks to 220 employees. The secret of their success? Hard work, being entrepreneurial and genuinely understanding what women really need in this rapidly changing society.

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