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So Weekly | March 14, 2022

New in @ So: JoHeath

Buying a bag is often seen as a guilty pleasure. But not JoHeath's bags and accessories, those are all pleasure, no guilt. The sustainable, luxury label, with a special love for the swallow, is dedicated to designing timeless pieces made with ethically sourced materials (like fish leather!) - fashionable designs that leave no trace.

Certified leather with a gold medal A redefinition of the fashion industry. At JoHeath, responsibility starts on day one. From creative brainstorming sessions and sourcing materials to partnering with ethical manufacturers to reduce the environmental footprint with every step the label takes. Under the watchful eye of the Leather Working Group (LWG), this association promotes sustainable and environmentally friendly working methods in the leather industry, JoHeath guarantees to only work with tanneries that achieve the highest achievable (gold) medals. By using natural metal-free paint, reducing the amount of energy and water required for production and generating a limited amount of waste.

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