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So Weekly | April 8, 2022

New in @So’s portfolio: Madre

A greed for the good, an eye for others, the neighborhood and the world. Madre, which opened earlier this year in Amsterdam's Jordaan district, is part of a positive change. The plant-based restaurant embraces the people who are at the cradle of a collection of small revolutions. Join Madre and meet these local heroes, the whistleblowers of the city and the surrounding area and tastemakers from all over the world. Madre is where modern Mexican cuisine meets Amsterdam flair. A worldwide experience, in the middle of the Jordaan district. The chef works with locally sourced, strictly seasonal, fresh and above all plant-based ingredients. From earth to supper, from field to fork, from nature with love. At Madre, stories and flavors come together and they are the start of new stories and dishes. Here you meet, eat and discover. 

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