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So Weekly | June 23, 2002

The De’Longhi Coffee Lounge

The De’Longhi Coffee Lounge is where finding new coffee roasts and the latest on your favorite brew is simple and easy, and purchasing beans even easier. Simply scroll through a selection of some of the finest roasters and join De’Longhi on their journey to discover a world of unique taste experiences. Haven't learned enough about coffee yet? In the 6 episodes of “Koffie Kenners” you will be taken even deeper into the world of our daily cup of comfort. Barista Tom Cools visits Tom De Laat Coffee in Nieuwkuijk. Together Tom and Tom (truly a dynamic duo) have immense shared knowledge and experience. The perfect duo to possibly learn even more about coffee and the wonderful world around it from.

You watch the first 6 episodes here: 

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