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So Weekly | August 29, 2022


“There's no need to wear a fur coat for our vanity.” - Elisabetta Franchi

Always active in the defense of animal rights through the support of a wide range of initiatives for their protection, the Italian designer and animal lover has finally brought them all together into a single project: the ELISABETTA FRANCHI FOUNDATION.

A brand that in addition to the passion for fashion conveys a very strong message and infuses it with a mission, "giving voice to those who don't have one", to those who can't speak, yet say so much more with their eyes. Starting with the membership in the FUR FREE RETAIL PROGRAMME created by LAV (one of the most important Italian associations involved in the defense of animals), which between 2012 and 2013 led to the elimination of animal fur from its collections, followed by goose down and angora wool, Elisabetta Franchi has embarked on an increasingly ambitious path towards the protection of animals, as demonstrated also by the construction and financing of the Island Dog Village EF, an oasis of safety and refuge in the north of China for dogs subjected to the barbarities of the Yulin Festival. These activities, together with the other initiatives already undertaken, will now be supported and carried out through the Elisabetta Franchi Foundation. 

More about the foundation and to donate here: 

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