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So Weekly | October 12, 2022

King Louie: ReLove

Reduce:  Less is more. What do you really need?
Respect: Taking good care of your clothing
Re-use: Make someone else happy with clothing you no longer wear
Restyle:  Learn how to make new styling combinations
Repair: Broken items are easily fixed
Recycle: Don't throw away garments, but recycle them!

King Louie’s Relove model shows six core values that all have to do with consuming responsibly. With this model the Dutch fashion company wants to inspire and encourage the consumer to make responsible choices and shop consciously.  

When King Louie organizes events, it always has something to do with this framework of ReLove. From clothing swap events (Swap to Shop), selling vintage items from their own inspiration archive (King Louie Archives), donating clothing to Dress for Success and collaborating with clothing library Lena. All in the name of sustainability. 

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