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So Weekly | February 07, 2023

Jane Lushka showed AW23/24 collection in Supperclub, Amsterdam

The Dutch women's fashion brand Jane Lushka gave its first fashion show at the Supperclub in Amsterdam. Retailers, press and influencers were present to get acquainted with the AW23/24 collection for the first time. On the Supperclub's impeccable white sofas and beds, A-listers and celebrities Quinty Trustfull and daughter Moise, Olcay Gulsen and sister Dolce Gulsen and influencer friends Merel Von Carlsburg and Janine Kho enjoyed a show full of instant classics from the sustainable label. The show started with a beautiful tissu performance, after which the attendees could take an extensive look at the collection for the new season. On the catwalk, new silhouettes were seen with a nod to the power suit and the neutral color palette was striking, with some popping looks in pink, red, blue and green. Always executed in comfortable styles, as we are used to from Jane Lushka.

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