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So Weekly | June 5, 2023

MermadeTM x BarbieTM

Mermade Hair goes #barbiecore The dream of all dream collaborations, Mermade Hair™ x Barbie™, just launched ahead of the highly anticipated release of the Barbie movie in July. No match was ever better, because…pink + pink = right, still very pink. Hot pink, hotter pink, hottest pink. Barbiecore in a nutshell is all about bright (well, Barbie) pink, in all its glory. Embrace pink, as Barbie would, with the necessary 'more is more' energy. On TikTok alone, #barbiecore has been used over 260 million times. It made the iconic Mattel doll the fashion muse of 2022, and of 2023 with the launch of Greta Gerwig's Barbie movie and this collaboration with Mermade Hair coming up. Together they will release two limited edition kits as part of the collaboration, featuring Mermade Hair's best-selling hair tools. Mermade Hair and Barbie, it doesn't get any better.

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