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So Weekly | July 31, 2023

Mermade Hair x Olcay Gulsen Beauty Glam Room

Lights, camera, action! The highly anticipated Barbie movie premiere was an event like no other, celebrating both feminist ideals and the joy of dressing up. The film conveys a powerful message that girls and women can be anything they dream of, breaking societal stereotypes and shattering glass ceilings with grace and determination. While the movie's empowering message took center stage, the premiere also served as a fun excuse for the attendees to dress up and doll up like real-life Barbies. The red carpet turned into a runway of high fashion, with A-list celebrities and influencers donning their most glamorous ensembles. The Mermade Hair x Olcay Gulsen Beauty Glam Room provided an opulent pre-premiere experience. Renowned make-up artists and hair stylists worked their magic, transforming the attendees into their own versions of modern-day Barbies.

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