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So Weekly | August 18, 2023

New in @So: Current/Elliott

Current/Elliott, or better known to fashion insiders as the creator of The Boyfriend Jean, was brought to life by Emily Current and Merritt Elliott whose vision stemmed from over a decade of styling experience for various publications and celebs alike. Recognizing the need for a new denim style, they believed that fashion shouldn't have any rules except this one: mixing high and low end pieces to create a unique, effortless aesthetic.

A long-cherished American wardrobe classic. Denim is the storied history of inspiration behind every Current/Elliott collection, from the fit to the wash. Constantly referring to the past but always looking to the future, Current/Elliott chooses new styles in combination with the brand's beloved fits in innovative washes and finishes. The Los Angeles design team focuses on four pillars: craftsmanship, authenticity, integrity and individual expression. Using only high-quality fabrics from the world's most renowned factories and finishing in LA's best denim houses, each Current/Elliott jeans promises to become an inseparable classic of today.

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