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So Weekly | September 11, 2023

King Louie introduces the first circular collection

Sustainability and environmental preservation have never been as crucial as they are today. As the fashion industry faces mounting pressures to adapt, the call for change has become crystal clear. Rather than continuing the relentless production of new materials, the moment has come to focus on repurposing what already exists. Embracing and stimulating this sustainable shift, King Louie proudly signed the Amsterdam Green Deal Circular Textile in 2021 a fashion alliance aimed to manufacture fully circular clothing, marking a significant stride towards a greener future. Furthermore, the brand's active seat at the Circular Fashion Innovation Lab (CFIL) underscores their commitment to leading change within the industry and their new circular knitwear collection serves as a testament to their commitment.

King Louie x Loop.a life collection
In a promising collaboration with Loop.a life, King Louie crafted two unique designs available in three distinct colors. The best part? This new line has been produced using recycled garments, yet retains the brand's signature vintage-inspired style.

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