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So Weekly | December 22, 2023

Jasper Suyk launches Dear Future Me,

Katja, Holly-Mae, Loiza, Jessie-Jazz, Kim, Geraldine, Lauren, and Jennifer, literally and figuratively naked.

An ode to the female body and the mental journey associated with it. Vulnerable, real, pure, personal, unique. With "Dear Future Me," photographer Jasper Suyk invites twenty-eight women to expose themselves. Both literally and figuratively, by photographing them at their most powerful, gentle, and free, but also by posing a critical question: Who are you really?

“My dear future self, have you become who you wanted to be? Do you live sincerely from your heart? Does your intuition guide you, and are you not easily distracted anymore?” - Katja Schuurman

Dear Future Me,
Compelling images are underscored with letters, written by the women themselves, addressed to their future selves. This adds significant value to the book, offering unique insight into the thoughts, dreams, and aspirations of these women. Where do they think they stand now, and where do they want to go? Jasper Suyk takes you on this journey with "Dear Future Me", both visually and in written word. With the letters being are often more naked than the body itself.

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