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So Weekly | January 11, 2024

New in @So: Sunday Natural

Sunday. The symbol for rest and rejuvenation, a time for healing and recovery. Inspired by the purity and growth symbolized by the lotus flower, Germany's Sunday Natural, founded in 2013, expertly blends scientific insights with holistic and nutritional wisdom. They specialize in the purest forms of nature's aids: superfoods, supplements, and essential oils.

Sunday Natural commits to unadulterated, pure nature. They believe in the power of minimally processed medicinal plants and foods that have been nurturing health and vitality for millennia. Their products, ranging from vitamins to nutrients, are sourced in their most natural, bioactive forms, directly from global producers and farmers committed to ethical practices. The brand transcends typical clean standards. Their vegan, organic products are rigorously lab-tested, free from biocides, toxins, or genetic modifications. Even their capsules avoid harmful additives, ensuring a truly natural and healthy option for consumers.

Sunday Natural is not just a brand; it's a commitment to pure, natural wellness, offering a cleaner, healthier choice in a world of processed alternatives.it

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