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So Weekly | March 20, 2024

Authentic Beauty Concept Announces New Face: Camille Razat

After their collaboration with Peggy Gou, Authentic Beauty Concept announces its captivating partnership with the talented French actress, model and fashion icon, Camille Razat. Known for her role in the popular series "Emily in Paris", her passion for embracing authentic beauty and her ability to be a true style chameleon, fearlessly exploring diverse looks, go hand in hand and work perfectly to create her unique aura, for which she is loved. Camille Razat's perspective on beauty perfectly aligns with Authentic Beauty Concept's core values. She believes in the power of authenticity and celebrating one's unique self. "I find beauty in simplicity, allowing my natural features to shine through," says Camille. This resonance with Authentic Beauty Concept's philosophy makes her the perfect advocate for the brand.

In addition to her beauty routine (Authentic Beauty Concept’s care products), Camille Razat shares her overall wellness and self-care practices. She emphasizes the importance of sleep, staying hydrated, and enjoying activities she loves, such as playing video games, visiting museums, and spending time with friends, keeping her balanced during stressful times.

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