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So Weekly | March 8, 2024

New in @So Mondaine 

The family company Mondaine is a Swiss clock and watch brand with roots as early as 1944. The classic design has been used for years as a station clock by the SBB, the Swiss Federal Railways. Since then, the brand has emerged as the official timekeeper of the Swiss railway. Proudly embracing its heritage of style, precision, and environmental consciousness. 

Mondaine's Swiss Made watches embody minimalist Swiss design and excellent readability, characterized by their elegant simplicity and distinctive red second hand. The brand leads in sustainability, being fully carbon neutral since 2020 and planting one tree for every watch sold. The watches are meticulously crafted using cutting-edge, eco-friendly materials, including vegan grape leather(!), sapphire glass, and a watch case made from castor oil, also known as wonder oil. They are assembled with care at Mondaine's 100% carbon-neutral production facility located in Biberist, Switzerland. The clocks are characterized by their stylish metal casing and reliable appearance, both externally and internally. True classics that never goes out of style and contributes to a more sustainable world. 

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