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Case: Let's Unite by LaDress [Out-of-home advertising]


While LaDress had to close their stores for a little bit during lockdown and yet their brand-dedicated online outlet is key in their businessmodel, they wanted to stay connected with their target group in every way possible, in this case also using out-of-home advertising to support wholesale, dedicated brandstores as well as brand engagement and online traffic to ladress.com.

With this OOH campaign So PR provided LaDress with an on-point OOH strategy including an impeccable deal for the best possible out-of-home advertising results at the most favorable locations throughout the country.
Campaign: LaDress
Message: Let’s Unite
Impressions reach: 2.5 million
Duration: 7 days
Locations: Mupi’s: Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam Centre and Business Centers of the respective cities.
Highway bannering:
A10 Coenplein (rAmsterdam) A4 Schiphol (Amsterdam) A1 knooppunt Hoevelaken ( Gooi/Amsterdam) A4/A12 Prins Clausplein ( Rotterdam) A4 Den Haag Zuid ( Den Haag) A16 Rotterdam A2 Utrecht (The Wall richting Utrecht) A12 Utrecht A2 bij Eindhoven A16 tussen Breda