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Case: Lyko Beauty Games [xxxx]

Welcome to a night of glamour and competition at the Lyko Beauty Games!

Hosted in the for the occasion transformed into a arcade So Studio on the vibrant King's Night (for you non Dutchies, this is when we celebrate the King’s birthday) but without the orange and red white blue chauvinism. Blending beauty-themed challenges with exclusive touches: guests competed in lively activities like life-sized Jenga with Olcay Gulsen Beauty and super size bowling with Bjorn Axen bottles, cutting a bob Anna wintour would approve of with Mermade Hair and Guess who? with Silk’n led masks all while enjoying music and vibes by DJ Janna Nieuwenhuijzen, Lyko beauty touch-ups by Michelle Nouws and hair by Fabiënne Jansen. The evening was a dazzling showcase of creativity and style, leaving each attendee with a luxurious goodie bag and us with a “yes we did it again” smile on our faces.  

The one thing that is not a game to us, the results:

47 influencers including Beautygloss, Jessie Maya and Matthijs Geuze created: 5 TikTok videos, 152 Instagram stories and 19 Instagram postsAlso at the Lyko Beauty games, 5 press outlets Elle, Fashionchick, Harper’s Bazaar, Flair and Girlscene played 6 games 

Total reach: 5.776.958
Total PR value: €201.536

some of the results >>