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So Weekly | August 13, 2020

Clay And Glow X ICI PARIS XL

There’s nothing we love more than a fusion of the brands we love to work with and this right here is a match made in beauty heaven. For Clay And Glow a dream has become a reality as just one year after its foundation and two product launches later, the Dutch cult beauty brand is exclusively for sale in 148 ICI PARIS XL stores. After being asked by several large retail parties, founders Julia and Randy undoubtedly chose the beauty retail market leader. Unique in several areas, the products of Clay And Glow were until now only available through their own webshop, which also makes ICI PARIS XL the first offline point of sale for Clay And Glow. Julia founder herself says about the collaboration: "We were always a customer at ICI PARIS XL and we believe that they provide good service and are customer-friendly. The customer is also very important to us, and we do not want to lose that feeling at a retailer, so that was the first thing that appealed to us. In addition, the colors, coincidentally (!), also fit together nicely. "

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