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So Weekly | August 3,  2020

There’s a new high-end interior concept in town: Proluca Interiors

The first Dutch interior web boutique with exclusive labels such as Missoni Home and Hermès wallpaper and fabrics. Due to the fact that founder Brigitte Hamers has been working as an interior stylist for years, she’s able to work closely with various labels and sell these exclusively through her web boutique: Proluca Interiors. A unique concept on multiple levels. For example, the number of webshops that sell luxurious interior accessories and furniture is low, to say the least, and Proluca Interiors sells labels that were hardly available in the Netherlands before. Proluca Interiors represents and sells brands such as: Missoni Home, Cole and Son, Meridiani and Porta Romana as well as Hermès wallpaper and fabrics, in addition to Brigitte's own Proluca Design label, using both classic and modern materials, such as leather combinations, bronze and epoxy manufactured in mostly Dutch workshops by genuine authentic furniture makers.

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