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So Weekly | October 1, 2020


No business as usual for Milan Fashion Week this season, including the Elisabetta Franchi show that could only be attended digitally, but nevertheless was executed with all the grandeur we can expect from the designer. The power of nature as a rebirth and a real fresh start is the common thread of the Spring/Summer 2021 collection by Elisabetta Franchi. The colours of spring dress the class and delicacy of an aristocratic woman, a refined and seductive but aware woman: a woman who chooses. Elegant dresses, being the reflection of homes of yesteryear, cross the border of reality exploring shapes and colours that create a modern wardrobe with super classic details, which is capable of transmitting visions and memories, new desires and timeless values inherited. The woman by Elisabetta Franchi in this new collection walks the runway with iconic garments that embody the style codes of the Maison in the unmistakable model-making and in the scrupulous attention to quality through continuous research.

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