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Case: Huda Beauty [Online Beauty Launch Benelux]

Huda Beauty @ ICI PARIS XL

As big beauty lovers from the get-go, we were happy that when Huda Beauty came to town we were lucky enough to be a huge part of it from the very beginning. As the cult beauty brand would exclusively be available through our client ICI PARIS XL, we set up the entire Benelux launch.

After some 'whispering around’, online outlets such as ELLE, Cosmopolitan and Glamour announced the news right away on their online outlets:

Hey, it’s Huda here

With Huda being well known by beauty enthusiasts yet, as a brand, never officially launched on the Benelux market we had two stories to tell. Huda’s as well as the fact that her must-have beauty and make-up products are available as of that day. To celebrate and inform top beauty editors were sent a package with Huda goodies as well as all the needed info.
// Huda Beauty send-out
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Huda: the masterclass

With a brand like Huda Beauty, top influencer collaborations are key. A special digital masterclass was led by Huda beauty’s International Education Manager Shadia Rahmanand attended by online 28 beauty moguls like @anKnook, @dilansabah, @beautygloss, @elaisaya and @lithunium.snow.
// Masterclass invite
..to give you an impression,
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..to give you an impression,
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A story like this needs to be spread of course, that’s why we gave Elle the chance to exclusively speak to Huda herself about the launch.
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