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So Weekly | February 2, 2021

ISKO Vital™ is the very first company to receive NEN certification

ISKO Vital™ is the very first company to receive NEN certification - the recently established Dutch standard for community face covers. The certification is based on the NEN-spec 1-2 that aims to ensure the quality and efficiency of community face covers by setting strict requirements for anyone who manufactures these public health items. ISKO Vital™’s products not only meet but exceed the requirements set out by the NEN Committee who established the certification protocols. These requirements include rigorous testing for bacterial filtration efficiency, breathing resistance, fit and ease of use and sustainability. As an example: the bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of ISKO Vital™+ face covers is ≥95% (whilst the NEN’s minimum requirement is ≥70%), placing ISKO Vital™+ in the highest category of NEN Spec 1-2 certified products.

NEN also emphasizes the need for comfort. If face covers are not comfortable, people tend not to wear them, or at least not in the right way. The certification scheme has a minimum requirement for breathing resistance of <70 Pa / cm2 and the ISKO Vital™+face covers beat this with a respiratory resistance lower than 40 Pa / cm2 – scientific proof that our face covers are very comfortable to wear.

The NEN Spec 1-2 recommends face covers are water repellent and ISKO Vital™+ face masks are water and oil repellent – another example of them going above and beyond the standard. From a sustainability perspective, it is very important that face covers can be washed and reused. The NEN-spec 1-2 requires a minimum of five washes to ensure durability. Our Premium face covers can be washed and reused 15 times without loss of quality.

And finally, the softness of the fabric, fit and ease of use, as outlined in the NEN-spec 1-2, has also been assessed by an independent panel and ISKO Vital™ passed with flying colours.

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