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So Weekly | May 30, 2021

Empowered by...

This week So founder Thijs had the joy to host 4 amazing podcasts. The common thread in the conversations was Empowerment. Thank you Anna Drijver, Gillian Tans, Iris Hond, (together with doggie Moos, included in this pic. ) and Loes Noom for opening up and connecting with me. The result is a serie of beautiful in-depth talks with profound perspectives, humor and sharings of unique life experiences. The 4 podcasts are powered by Claudia Sträter and will be available on Spotify and Apple podcast in September. We will send you a reminder when we get there:-)
// Phototcredits: photo by Rinse Fokkema, capturing Iris Hond and Thijs Willekes

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