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So Weekly | July 29, 2021

Danish Design: Nostalgi 1988

1988 was a good year: Nike launched their iconic 'Just do it' slogan, Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes scored a hit with Dirty Dancing’s 'Time of my life', The Netherlands won the European Football Championship by beating Russia (2-0), our Design Lead Mandy & Creative Producer Yasmin were born and Danish Design launched. No wonder the label chose the 80s, and the year of ‘88 in particular, as the main inspiration for their newest watch, a remake of the first Danish Design watch ever made.

The very latest Danish Design watch is an ode to 1988 - the start of the brand 33 years ago. With the new Nostalgi 1988, Danish Design celebrates its rich past. The 1988 model was updated to 2021 and reflects the zeitgeist of both the 80s and today. The new watch is very similar to the original model, but with a modern edge and today’s technology.
//old model 1988
//new model 2021
//collection 2021

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