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So Weekly | February 17, 2022

Luisa Cerano: Dry Indigo & The Denim Project

With “The Denim Project” Luisa Cerano launches a sustainable capsule collection with real jeans classics. The collection consists of a selection of hand-picked denim basics, which have been given a modern upgrade with new cuts. This makes "The Denim Project" twice as durable: the subtly used effects and timeless silhouettes make the pieces real fashion classics that are always wearable. And the revolutionary "Dry Indigo" dyeing process, that gives the collection its dark blue color, significantly reduces the use of water, chemicals and energy consumption.

Unlike conventional indigo dyeing processes, the "Dry Indigo" process uses no water. The yarn is dyed with foam in a very small space and then woven into denim. This gives the fiber that typical and timeless denim color that can be found in the classic basics of this collection. The development of the innovative "Dry Indigo" technology has taken more than a decade. The producer works according to a strict sustainability philosophy and donates the water saved by the new process to countries with water scarcity.

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