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So Weekly | April 25, 2022

New in @So: AMAKIN

Growing up, traveling around, meeting new people, Amal realized that scents, perfumes and fragrances can invoke conversations, memories, and experiences. Scents can be associated with a particular time and place, where we were, and who we interacted with. It can remind us of experiences over which we still hold deep feelings for years after! Scents are not just perceived: they're markers of our pasts and our daydreams. In 2020 she started AMAKIN to inspire people about the places we come from through home fragrances that not only smell but connect us and transform our memories into something beautiful. Collections of premium quality candles, home fragrances and fine accessories are based on cities throughout the world. Amakin is an Arabic word meaning “places.” The brand is inspired by the scents of cities based on key fragrances found within a city’s culture or history that represent their unique and special character. 

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