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So Weekly | May 26, 2022

New in @So: Fannie

“THE PLEASURE IS (Y)OURS…” With the pandemic in full swing, it seemed like sex might just be the second most talked about topic; couples had more time for each other than ever and singles kept on swiping. Slowly but surely an opposite movement arose; the hurried existence gave way to an inward-looking attitude with more attention to ourselves. With the subject of 'sex' still fresh in her mind, Annelotte Fleur Mul (22) came across an interesting phenomenon: the pleasure gap. To narrow this gap, she founded Fannie: an all-round concept store focused on female intimacy. A one stop shop here to bring out the best in every woman and to maximize their intimate experience. Normalizing female intimacy by not adding shock value but to put people at ease with topics that are still considered taboo in our society (body image, intimate needs, - health and – desires) and start the conversation.

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