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So Weekly | July 25, 2022

TENWAYS, the accessible e-bike for everyone

“Energized urban rides.”

Born out of a love for the environment, a passion for cycling and a need for change. TENWAYS fulfills a collective dream to make high-quality e-bikes accessible to everyone, creating an enjoyable, effortless, fast and above all environmentally friendly riding experience. The young company, founded in 2021, came about after a successful crowdfunding and launched its first e-bike that year. Since then, TENWAYS has grown into a diverse, global family of cyclists, makers and avid creatives, affectionately known as Tenwayers. A community of like-minded people who collectively discover more than 10 ways to live and ride. A very well known Olympic champion recently joined the TENWAYS community: none other than Dutch pride Suzanne Schulting.

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