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So Weekly | February 24, 2023

New in @So: LORI-LORI

“Believe the hype.”
As a brand LORI-LORI believes that everything that's done by heart, is done well. When its founder quit law school to pursue her dreams of having her own jewelry brand, she wanted to be able to share her creative vision with others. Which later translated itself into LORI-LORI. Throughout the years they’ve built a community that feels like family. Making and designing jewelry that is worn around the world, inspiring and being inspired throughout the process. LORI-LORI’s goal is to create products that everyone feels good wearing, from head to toe, on the inside and outside. Every piece, think fun chunky pearl necklaces, heart signet rings and enough clip on earrings (that couldn't be further from your grandma’s clips) for multiple earparties is made with lots of love, for everyone who wishes to wear them.

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