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So Weekly | April 15, 2023

A recap: So Beauty Drops in-house beauty event

We connected with old and new friends, met people for the first time, introduced brands to press, influencers and beauty enthusiasts alike while Selma Omari led us through a conversation with the faces behind and representatives of Collistar, Clay And Glow, Pericarp, éclat, Baptiste and Isle of Paradise. An outstanding edition of So Beauty Drops is a fact, and we are looking back on a beautiful day full of connecting, learning and teaching. Authentic Beauty Concept re-introduced our guest to their refill concept, Mermade Hair launched their gorgeous hair tools collection on the Dutch market, Truss hair shared all of their hair secrets, remari its mindful content, ICI PARIS XL you could not miss, Jerrel Baumann created luscious lashes for Pinky Goat and demonstrated amazing Rude Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes and PJR care taught us about the toxic elements in nail polish. Flowers everywhere, easter eggs for days and De’Longhi coffees as a treat and necessity.
Until next time…
#Anna Nooshin discovering the pink Mermade hair tools

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