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So Weekly | April 13, 2023

ICI PARIS XL: Bring your bottle back

Queen Maxima bought two of them, the No Waste Chair by artist Kees Dekkers, who hopes to raise awareness of waste with this chair. The designer of the chair, made from (stray) waste, sees it as a perfect reflection of one of the most important topics of the 21st century: waste. With his No Waste Chair he wants to create a more beautiful world through behavioral change. In collaboration with Kees Dekkers, ICI PARIS XL makes a new edition of the artist’s infamous No Waste Chair from empty beauty packaging. From an empty bottle, to a discount on a new purchase and the start of a work of art. Consumers hand in an empty jar or bottle and may receive an art object in return (the chair can be won!) which in our humble opinion truly is recycling 2.0.

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